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Thread: Spanish vintage bikes

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    Spanish vintage bikes

    My wife is walking the Camino Trail in Spain right now and has sent these photos from a Albergue she was saying at. I was wondering if any of the members here could identify the manufacturer of these bikes. I can see the tank emblem on one that looks like LUBE.

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    The LUBE bike was made by a company that was connected to NSU of Germany. They built 2- and 4-stroke bikes ranging from 50 to 250cc. Looks like they were in business from late 1940s to mid 1960s. Once NSU stopped making motorcycles, LUBE made their own 2-strokes.

    The bottom bike is a Moto Guzzi based upon what I can see by the tank emblem. I'm not able to find anything more about the "bike with a motor". Interesting suspension springs in the middle of the bike.

    The other bike (is this the non LUBE bike), top one I think, is hard to see the tank emblem.
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