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Thread: Oshkosh/ Air Venture 2019

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    Oshkosh/ Air Venture 2019

    Any members heading to Oshkosh for Air Venture this year? 50th anniversary of the event and many warbirds this commemorating 75 years since Dday including some C47ís that participated in the Normandy invasion.
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    EAA member for 20 some years now, and only live 80 minutes away.

    Have gone every year.

    When you arrive, keep getting directed to motorcycle parking (bring your own side stand plate). Within walking distance of main entrance!


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    I was there in 1982. Great time. Even got a free ride in a Breezy. Have not been back since however.
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    The Cincinnati Ohio riverfront (Ky side) & the Cape/Space Coast of Flordia.... when not out -- "travel'n"
    Nice lakeshore camping (tent sites) just south of the seaplane base, at Kalbus Country Harbor.
    And a ride without much traffic to Whitman Field's north boundary; park bikes free in the Hilton Garden Inn lot when you purchase the breakfast buffet.
    There is an Airventure access gate out back... where the on-site tractor transporters take you to show central. Magic!

    "travel'n" john

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