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Thread: Advice on 94 K1100 handle bar change and fairing change.

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    Advice on 94 K1100 handle bar change and fairing change.

    I purchased a 94 K1100 a few months ago. Recently the clutch went bad @ a Odometer reading of 26k. I don't yet know this bike but that seems like a short run for a clutch. Regardless my dealer had to take the fairing off to get the job done. I actually like the look of the bike "naked" and kept the fairing off. I now need a new headlight, turn signals and horn. I would also like to change the handlebars as they are very uncomfortable. My elbow joints hurt after about 30 mins on a ride. I would like to get some bars that will allow me to sit up more.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Check out the K100 Standard - the bar is similar to the K75C bar but is drilled for bar end weights (which you'll need.). I put one on my K1100RS (part of the Euro K100 standard heated grip kit, NLA unfortunately), worked like a champ. Might also get lucky and find the K100 standard headlight assembly hardware.
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