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Thread: '04 R1150R Lower pegs, shifter mod

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    '04 R1150R Lower pegs, shifter mod

    I find the seat to peg distance to be a bit snug on my knees, so I purchased a peg lowering kit from Suburban Machinery. They also offer a modified shifter (lengthened) for $140. One of the websites stated that only 50% of their customers required the modified shifter.
    Guess I'm in the other 50%!
    The kit lowers the pegs and moves them forward, the distance at the shifter is only 4" from the peg. The brake side is OK once I adjusted it down, but it was real difficult to get my foot under the shifter. I took a measurement from my K sidecar rig, it also has lowered pegs.

    I remembered I had scavenged a shifter from my wrecked K bike.

    The K shifter attached to the cast arm, so off came the shift peg.

    Hole was drilled and tapped

    I cut a V into the cast arm to match the back of the K shifter.

    The finished product, within 1/4" of my K bike setup.

    My knees are happy and I can shift comfortably!

    I just looked up the shift lever on MAXBMW fiche, HOLY CRAP!
    23 41 7 654 519 FOOT LEVER 0.09 1 $110.48
    Glad I scavenged and packratted parts from the wrecked bike.......
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