Has anyone had a custom seat made for their S or have purchased a saddle from one of the various saddle makers? I really dig my S but I can't stand the stock seat. I actually would like anther inch in height and plusher foam. I have had bad luck with my last 2 Corbins and Sergent does not have their new saddle out yet.

If you have had a custom seat fabricated, let me know who did it and what you had them do and of course the ride report on how it works for you. Phone numbers would be great if you recommend the shop.

If you own a Corbin, let me know the style, material, and characteristics you like about it. My last 2 Corbins were freaking hard as rocks and I couldn‘«÷t stand them. One was for a CBR900RR and the other is for a 900SS Ducati.

Thanks for any input you can dish out!

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