Barbara and I had a great time, despite the heat, and our thanks to the organizers and volunteers (of whom we were two). Also thanks to the WWII re-enactors who camped out in the heat all weekend to entertain and educate us.
The worst part for us was the flame cars, pointless in every way, however, I did get a laugh at the expression on the face of the woman who was too involved in her cell phone conversation to notice us all yelling at her to get away from the fence.
The closing ceremonies went on too long, as they always do and more imagination is needed for that part of the rally.
We think the organizers did the best they could under the circumstance of a heat wave. What if it had been cold and rainy? How would we complain then?
As for those who are already saying they're not going to Sedalia because it will be too hot, I need to know the weather for the first week of November.
I want to be a trolley safety in Sedalia.