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Urgent message from BMW recived - do not ride your '14 RT

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Well there I was about to get on my motorcycle to run some errands seeing as how it is a beautiful day here in Virginia. Phone call as I am getting on it - BMW dealer to say they have had an "emergency" notice this morning from the factory to say do not allow owners to ride the 2014 R1200RT's due to an "issue" with the rear shock - more detail to follow. WTFO? This is the equivalent of the FAA grounding Ol' Sparky the 787. Dealer said this communiqu? was unprecedented...

Anyone have anything to share on the issue? Cheers - Ryeflyer
05.06.2014 - Comunicazione Ufficiale BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorrad provides owners of the model BMW R 1200 RT with precautionary information concerning a potential defect in the rear spring strut.

Munich.As of today, BMW Motorrad is notifying all owners of the current R 1200 RT, model year 2014, fitted with the Dynamic ESA option that there is a potential defect in the rear spring strut. At the present time it cannot be ruled out that the piston rod of the rear spring strut in connection with the Dynamic ESA option could potentially break. For this reason, customers are requested not to ride their motorcycle until further notice. This is a precautionary measure which BMW Motorrad is taking in the interests of customer safety based on a supplier report. To date there have been no injuries related to this issue. Approximately 8,000 vehicles are affected by this measure worldwide.

A technical campaign is in preparation to replace the part in question. BMW Motorrad regrets any inconvenience caused to customers affected by this precautionary measure.
One has to wonder if this unprecedented action by BMW was due to there already being a person or persons injured, or worse, as a result of a failure
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