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Tour of San Juan Mountains


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Mid July I'm touring around the San Juan Mts, starting from Silverthorne, Co. I wonder what anyone thinks about my route. This is my second ride in the Rockies. I'm from the East Coast and am on a 2020 1250 RT. Riding solo.

I'll be based in Silverthorne, Co. The likely route is:
Silverthorne to Leadville on Co. 91 and US 24;
Leadville to Bueno Vista on US 24, then,
- West to Gunnison on either CR 306 or US 50 (at Salida);
Gunnison to Lake City > South Fork > Pagosa Springs > Durango on Co 149, US 160, Co 151/172 (south way).
Then maybe the prize: Durango > Ouray > Montrose on US 550 (Million Dollar Hwy).

This should be ~ 750 miles. Now I head east to Silverthorne and the truck.

Last year I based in Dillon and rode up to Rocky Mtn NP then to Mt Blue Sky, Guanella Pass, US 285 and back on Co 9. Freaking amazing stuff. Zero mechanicals (including no flats and last year I didn't carry tire repair...)

Appreciate any comments. Cheers.

Take 306 for sure, over Cottonwood Pass. And rather than jump on 70 to get back to Silverthorne look at 92/133 Delta to Carbondale then 82 over Independence Pass and back to Silverthorne. Be advised there is a bridge closure on US 50 by Blue Mesa Reservoir but if you are headed to Lake City on 149 it won’t affect you, other than increased traffic on 149 between US50 and the detour junction north of Lake City.

Should be a good ride!
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Thank you. I want to include Black Canyon North Rim/Co. 92 north from the Gunnison R and was planning to do an out and back then continue east on US50, but now I know about the bridge. I've read there will be daily, short open periods starting 7-8, which sounds like a mess. You've an answer and I'd like to do Co 82 and Independence Pass. I'm from the flat East Coast (apologies to the Appalachians, which I ride a lot). The high passes of Colorado are other-worldly magnets.