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Riding in SC


My wife got a rental in Hardeeville through March 2023 so I will have my bike with me. I admit to knowing zero good roads in SC and would like to do some exploring.

Would appreciate some info.

Thanks very much,

The roads that parallel the Savannah River are about as good as it gets. Some of the coastal roads are ok, too.

A ride through the Savannah River nuclear area is kinda cool… you’re not supposed to stop!

However, there are some areas in the “upstate” that are superb. US 178 out of Pickens, (off SC 11, a nice touring road), SC28 out of Walhalla is sweet, US276 through the DuPont State Forest is one of the best twisty roads in the country.

All of this is hokum, though… since you’re on the coast. Ride the coastal roads north and south.
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