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Progressive Motorcycle Insurance Customer Satisfaction

I've been a USAA insurance (home, life, auto) and banking customer for 48 years. Before that I was on my parents' USAA policy. I wish they would insure motorcycles, but they don't. Depending on where one lives they refer you to another company. In Montana they send you to Progressive.
I was with USAA for 40 years but have moved away from them for serious security concerns. In each case my new insurance costs were half what they had been charging me. Progressive now has my car and truck also.
I’ve had Progressive for a couple of years now.

I needed a tow through them and a tow truck with no flatbed responded. (It had a straight arm where you rode the bike on to it.) The tow truck driver did not know what he was doing and ran the straps through my handle bars which bent my handlebars forward. I had him restrap it correctly. Upon removing the bike off the truck the bent bars scratched my paint on the tank. Progressive washed their hands of it and made me deal directly with the tow company. Suffice to say they denied responsibility.