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Post a picture of your R18

The bikes in this thread look better than any of the "customs" in the invitation that BMWNA just invited me to vote on!
R18 favs

First R18. Loved the retro feel - no big dash, etc. Just Bike

Then, they had to release the R18B!

Was very pleasantly surprised at how many R18s were at the MOA Rally in Richmond this year!
Saw this R18 at ShakeRag, Tn.


  • D966F911-5134-4696-A03A-60F54D0457A7.jpeg
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My R18 100 year Anniversary. Amazing bike ! I picked her up in November, still breaking in and just tried “ Rock” mode out for the first time. What a difference, fantastic power band 👍


  • IMG_0956.jpeg
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I do not yet own an R18, but I've owned /2 and /5 bikes all my adult life. I used to think BMW had moved too far toward the Japanese look, but the R18 is a welcome step back toward their classic bikes. If I had one, I'd immediately put on smaller mufflers and make the intake pipes flat black, and maybe clean up the weighty fork tubes. Anyone have one similar?