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Post a Picture of Your F-Twin

Waiting for Spring - minus 8 with snow and 30 MPH winds currently

'22 F750GS with 11 miles...waiting for Spring...


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2016 F700GS in Alpine White

Here is my bike.. 2016 F700GS with 37K when I got it.. not the most scenic picture but you get the idea. It was dark metallic gray when I got it but it had a bit of rash on one side, so I took the panels over to my local dent/ding auto guy and had him shoot the panels with BMW Alpine white. Came out pretty nice. Haven't been inclined to reapply stickers I bought online with the GS logo. I will leave the model / displacement a secret to the world for awhile.

My F700GS at Monument Valley and Million Dollar Highway.

My 2015 F700GS at Monument Valley and The Million Dollar Highway.


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Working the twisties on my F800GT


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2021 750gs. After several long distance trips I’m still trying to talk myself into a 1250 or 1300 but just can’t justify it yet.

What is that on your bike, right side above the passage foot pegs? Love belt drives.:D
It is the reservoir and hydraulic pre-load adjuster for a Wilbers type 641 shock. Absolutely transforms the GT's ride and handling; I've got one on both my GTs.

And I couldn't agree with you more about the belt. These were my first belt drive bikes in 50+ years of riding and it is the best street drive system there is...full stop. Quiet, zero maintenance, last a long time, clean, light, easy to service if they are designed right, which BMW accomplished on the GT.

It is one of the reasons I'm not going to replace either of these bikes until I absolutely have to.

At what mileage does BMW recommend a belt change?
Do you have any idea how many miles most owners go before changing a belt?
BMW says every 24k. I replaced my first one at 30k and it looked new. No sprocket change, they do spec changing the rubber damper.
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