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On-Line Training - ChampU Courses (my experience, what was yours?)

I started riding in 1965 on a Yamaha XT125 at the age of 15 around the farms of SW Michigan with friends. No Formal training! Getting a motorcycle license at that time in Michigan was easy and I got my endorsement with my first official drivers license at 16. That was the extent of my formal training until 1976 while in the Navy and wanted to ride my bike on Base which required attending a 8 hours class. With each base change which happened about every three years, I attended a refresher. In 2007 I bought my first BMW, an F650GS and decided to take the state of Idaho's STAR advance riders course. I have taken that same course twice as a refresher after the winter layoff. At the Great Falls Convention I took advantage of the riding on mountain roads course which fit in well with the type of riding I mostly do in SW Idaho. I have also spent way to many hours watching UTUBE video from various Adventure riding channels like Bret Tkacs or MOTOTREK to learn and hopefully improve my off pavement skill set.

But Until I took the "Champion Habits: Core Curriculum" that is being sponsored by the MOA Foundation I was never given the inadept information on how and why to use the various controls as the engineers who designed the bike intended.
Screenshot 2024-02-11 104501.jpg
Even though it is Winter and generally between 35 & 45, on sunny days with good road conditions I got out on my F850GSA and practiced the drills that were recommended and my control skills improved and my comfort on the bike with it. I was so impressed with the information presented I ordered the "Traffic Survival" course and completed it.
Screenshot 2024-02-11 104542.jpg
The Core Curriculum is the "HOW TO" while the Traffic Survival is the "WHY". The course gives you tools to use while on the highway and in town to avoid putting you and your bike into situations that could end your riding or your life. It assumes from the onset that you and your bike are not seen so you need to make sure you are not hit by that car running the red light or changing lanes into you or turning in front of you. It is well worth your time no mater how many years you have been riding!
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