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Metz Marathon on R12RT


New member
I just put a Metz 880 Marathon on my '06 R12RT. The stock rear tire size is 180/55 17 ZR; the closest Marathon is 170/60 VR 17. I measured the before-and-after mounted tire diameter, and it is within 1/8". Lotsa deep tread on the Marathon. So far, only 20 or so miles, seems to handle all right, turns in a little quicker. Haven't hammered it on a curve yet, so I don't know if tread-squirm will be an issue, but it never has before when I used Marathons on LTs. At least there is the likely potential for decent tire-life! I can't afford a bike that eats rear tires in 3,500 miles! Of fairly easy driving! Seat-height didn't change appreciably.

Will advise future pereformance and tire-life. I'll prolly mount a Metz Z6 on the front when the stocker goes away.

Just curious what the 60 v 55 ratio does to speedo reading. Does it screw up a perfectly accurate BMW speedometer? Why the Z6 instead of the 880 front? I hated 880's on my LT because of uneven wear near end of lifespan but doesn't seem to be near as much a problem on my 1150RT. I am an old guy I guess but the 880's handle just fine for me and I have 12k on them and are nursing them to 32k service.
PS, the accurate speedo part was a joke!

Well, the speedo on the R12RT was 1-2mph fast with the stock tire, and it's 100% GPS-verified accurate with the 880.

RE: ME6 on the front: More grip v. the 880.

Can't wait to hear how this setup does, as it might be one I want to emulate. Just out of curiosity, what kind of rear only lasted 3500 miles?