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KGT Rear Drive Fluid Change Model Year 2009

As you wait for the rear drive fluid to drain out, take the opportunity to clean out the drain plug.

The drain plug has a magnetic insert which gathers all the metalic materials in the fluid.

Shown below is the inside of the drain bolt after cleaning out - took about 5 minutes with some brake-clean and quetips.

SHOP TIP - Before inserting the drain plug - you may want to check the o-ring to ensure it is not damaged or shows wear.

If you have done the fluid drain 3x with the same o-ring gasket - you may want to replace it.

After the draining is complete - reinsert the drain plug and torque to 20Nm


  • 17_Drain Plug Detail.jpg
    17_Drain Plug Detail.jpg
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The refilling process occurs thru the access port at the 1 o'clock position on the back of the rear drive housing as shown below.

Use a 6mm hex to remove the fill plug.

At this point - ensure you are in neutral, so you can move the disc to allow access to the fill plug.


  • 79_1 O'clcok Fill.jpg
    79_1 O'clcok Fill.jpg
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Now the process of filling begins

There are several methods, the one I have been using of late with success, is the syringe method.

I measure success in ease of use, and minimal mess. The syringe method appears better than the squirt bottle used in the past.

Regarding the fluid to use BMW specifies Castrol SAF-XO, I couldn't find that so am using BMW Synthetic 75W140.

Use what you feel comfortable with.

Fill Quantity - there has been a recent change to the specified amount of fluid to refill and it is now 180 cc's


  • 49_Refill Tools.jpg
    49_Refill Tools.jpg
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As the syringe I use is 60cc's and the fill requirment is 180cc, I therefore refill the syringe 3 times.

To facilitate the fill process I put in 200cc's of fluid in the meter cup.

The reason for the additional amount is to ensure I have the total correct amount and I put it in the meter cup for ease of handling.


  • 50_Refill Detail.jpg
    50_Refill Detail.jpg
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With steady, even pressure inject the fluid into the fluid fill hole


  • 81_1 o'clcok Fill in process.jpg
    81_1 o'clcok Fill in process.jpg
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Note of interest:

Using the syringe I have, I do not need to worry about overfilling because the content within the syringe tube does not go in once you have reached the maximum stroke of the syringe.

As stated this is a 60cc syringe so I repeat the injection process 3 times.


  • 54_Refill_4.jpg
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OK - so at this point 180cc's of delicious lubricity should be inside the final drive and we are ready to put everything back together.

The overall process works out like this.

  • Install Fill Plug and torque to 20 nM
  • Install caliper
  • Routing speed sensor wire (rear brake line)
  • Install rear wheel
  • Install muffler



  • 82_1 o'clock Torque.jpg
    82_1 o'clock Torque.jpg
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Installing the caliper

Ensure the pads are properly inserted and slip the caliper onto the disc with the pads between the disc.

If the caliper will not fit you may need to push back the pads a little to allow for more space.


  • 68_caliper Install 1.jpg
    68_caliper Install 1.jpg
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As you are holding the caliper up - align the "rear" bolt hole to that on the bike and secure the caliper to the bike.

Do it hand tight - this is just essentially to place the caliper in position


  • 69_rear caliper bolt.jpg
    69_rear caliper bolt.jpg
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Do the same with the "front" caliper bolt

Once both caliper bolts are in torque both to 24 Nm

If you had to open the pads to install the caliper on the disc - now is a good time to pump the rear brake pedal a few times to ensure the pads are seated.


  • 70_front caliper bolt.jpg
    70_front caliper bolt.jpg
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Clip the speed sensor wire harness in place onto the brake line as shown.


  • 71_Reclip 1.jpg
    71_Reclip 1.jpg
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Shown are the final positon of the clipped supports which need to have the speed sensor wiring running parallel to the brake line in a straight and even manner.


  • 72_Reclip 2.jpg
    72_Reclip 2.jpg
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Mount the wheel

Install the wheel bolts (T-50) with NO lubrication or locking material of any kind

Torque in a star pattern to 60 Nm


  • 73_Wheel Retorque.jpg
    73_Wheel Retorque.jpg
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Almost done, mounting the muffler is a 3 step process.

Step 1 - is place muffler onto exhaust opening

Step 2 - place muffler in postion and secure the hanger bolt hand-tight

Step 3 - check clearance of muffler to rear wheel and hand tighten the muffler clamp.

At this point the muffler is in place and you can check for alignment and clearance, once set you can torque the clamp and then the hanger bolt


Placing the muffler onto the exhaust opening


  • 74_Muffler reinstall.jpg
    74_Muffler reinstall.jpg
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Tighten the Muffler Clamp to 35Nm

Tighten the Muffler Hanger Bolt to 22Nm

Install the muffler shield


  • 77_Muffler clamp install.jpg
    77_Muffler clamp install.jpg
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You're Done :dance

Things to check

  • Proper brake pedal

  • Correct routing of the speed sensor cable it can not interfere with the disc or the hinge of the final drive.

  • Ease of rotation of the back wheel

  • Go for a test ride - check for leaks

Come back and have a beer :drink


  • 78_Done.jpg
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