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Inter changeable fairings from GL to GLT


New member
I have a 2012 K1600 GT and am looking at a 2016 GTL. As I like the color of my 2012 I am thinking if it is possible to switch over the fairings???

I know strange, but I'm getting a good deal on the GTL, but dislike a black bike.

I know the saddle and handlebars are slightly different and the navigation slot panel on the 2012 has a slightly smaller opening - but has anybody got knowledge if the fairing and nose cone are different?
Check one of the on line dealers parts fish to see if they are the same. I would guess they are. Have you looked at wrapping the bike ? Others have done it with good success. Good luck.
I would guess the tupperware can be swapped between a 2012 and 2016. The canoe panels below the seat are different to reflect the differences between the two-piece GT and one-piece GTL seats. What are you going to do about the top box?

Have you considered a plastic wrap as an alternative? Pick whatever colour scheme or pattern you want. If you get tired of it, with some heat and care you can peal the plastic wrap off and be back to factory original or apply another colour.