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If You Have Norton


MOA #24991, south of Los Angeles
If your Norton anti-malware package includes their VPN (Virtual Private Network) for its additional security layer, you may have noticed that you can't get to some websites any more. (Insert "Grrr!" here :mad:.)
For a while, for example, I was not able to access Long Beach BMW's home site, my Best Buy account (if I wanted to buy something on line), and not even the Norton Help/Chat system (thru my PC's Norton app links)!

I did get thru to them by using Google and putting "norton vpn" into the Search window; then selecting the support.norton.com link.
After finally getting thru to Norton, and a few different chats with being transferred to other techs, we hit upon a realization:
Apparently, there are only a very few combinations of settings that will actually work they way they "should".
This involves not just their VPN, but also their "Norton Safe Search" and their "Norton Safe Web".

No I don't recall all of the exact steps; that VPN screen has a LOT of switches... so get on their help/chat line, and get an experienced tech to guide you thru the re-set steps for all of the VPN and Safe Search and Safe Web settings. The guy seemed to actually know about this - he didn't even need to remote into my PC to have me get it done.

Will they push out updates or app revisions? Fingers are crossed, but I'm not holding my breath...