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Greetings from SoCal


New member
New Member and new Bike owner! Took the plunge on a 1978 R80/7.

If anyone has any advice on where to start (currently going through the repair manual and Clymer BMW guide) I would love to hear it!

Welcome dachuster! Looks like you've started in the right place. Thanks for posting the picture.
Willkommen dachuster in SoCal!

We just departed the MOA's national rally yesterday where we participated in and appreciated the camaraderie of fellow Airheads at Airhead Central. Always welcoming new & enthusiastic owners. Good work on reading your official maintenance manuals, but it's always good to have knowledgable folks nearby. Mrs Karen is the new Alabama Airmarshal, so we're not actually able to coach you {unless you're passing near Huntsville}. The southern California clubs will likely welcome your participation though. Look thru this listings page for a club to contact... :nod

The Airheads are doing a group rebuild on a donated /5. It started at this rally, and will be completed before the BMW RA Rally in Maine in Sept! It's going to wend its way east over the next few months, and get it auctioned off in support of an up & coming M/C mechanic!

The Airhead club would welcome your precipitation - either via paper or digitally.
1) Airhead Central late in the day for Barley Therapy & a cookout.
2) Airhead Central early one chilly morning in Redmond, OR.

3) Mrs Karen helping to retrieve a lost wrench during a starter swap demonstration.

Happy Trails whenever U can!
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