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F-Twins Tech - F800GS Renewing Fork Seals

You can now reinstall the front wheel. Directions are located here on the forum: https://forums.bmwmoa.org/showthread...-Wheel-Removal

Then you can reinstall the front brakes by gently guiding each brake caliper onto the brake disc, being careful to route the speed sensor located on the clutch side to the correct position. Using your external E12 star (Torx) socket to torque each upper and lower brake caliper bolts to 38 New Meters (28 Foot-Pounds, 336 Inch-Pounds).

You can now reinstall the front fender - careful to route the brake lines and speed sensor wire to the correct locations. Using your T30 star bit to tighten each of the 6 total bolts of the fender to 4 Newton Meters (3 Foot-Pounds, 36 Inch-Pounds). Snap on the plastic pieces that cover the brake lines.

The speed sensor uses a T30 and is torqued to 8 Newton Meters (5.9 Foot-Pounds, 71 Inch-Pounds).

Replace the brake line to fork leg holding clamp with your T25 star bit and torque to 4 Newton Meters (3 Foot-Pounds, 36 Inch-Pounds).IMG_1379.JPG
Take a moment to make sure that everything is installed and tightened up correctly.

Finally, ride off into the sunset!