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Colorado Trip June/2007


New member
1200 GS rider in Minnesota looking for other to take on Colorado as only a former Coloradoan (46 yrs)can show! It's my 50th, and I am going back to visit some of my favorite places! June 2007, Exact dates are yet to be planned, but looking at June 23 to leave Minnesota, back on 30 or 31st.

You won't see I-70 on this trip, but what you will see Red Mountain Pass and Marble CO. Best mexican in leadville? best bookstore in aspen, how about Gothic and the world's best wild flowers (a bit early for these, but what the hell!). How about McClure pass, how about the gorge at gunnision or the best of mesa verde?

Add that to the west flank of Rocky Mountian Pass by Grand Lake? This is a non tourist trip, well thought out and well planned; I just would like to find someone of like mind to go with!

I am a 49 yr old life time biker, and plan on combo camp and hotel stays. The best itinerary has choices not schedules, so I plan on doing this loose without rigid uptight schedules. I am trailering from Northfield MN to Fort Collins, overnight then doing about 1200 miles in five days. Owed a R65 LS 1984 in '84 until recently, now have my newest ride. I don't claim to be a tour specialist, but I do know what is on the best of Colorado twisty little mountain roads, great eateries, and where to go in Colorado in 5 days that will blow your mind!

NOT a holly roller, NOT a boozer or smoker, but AM a devout Dead Head go figure?!?

Male,and married, and I ideally suited to travel without looking for romance (get that at home, dig?).

I will check posts, or email me if interested in putting this together.

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