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Cannot access the Magazine


Having challenges getting to the MOA magazine, since early January 2022.

My steps......
(1) I sign into the MOA site
(2) Click on OwnersNews
(3) Click on TheMagazine
(4) Brings up the page https://www.bmwmoa.org/page/newsbmwon
(5) Click on the magazine front page
(6) New tab opens with https://issuu.com/bmwmoa/docs/bmwon_2022-01 where a media-player-like area displays. Underneath are a few lines of text about the magazine

However, this is as far as I get.
There is a SeeMore button at the end of the text, that does nothing.
On the media-player area are four items: SHARE; SAVE; LIKE; and DOWNLOAD that also do nothing.

ICCUU wants me to login???
If so, my MOA credentials do not work.

Earlier in 2021 the process was working for me.

Any help greatly appreciated.

ps: My local library has four different technologies for accessing magazines. I can use all four. This is through the Overdrive.com service.
I followed your steps and was able to get to the current magazine. I didn't have to login to ISSUU. I was able to advance through the pages by clicking on the advance arrows on the sides of the page. If you're still not able to flip through the pages, then probably the best bet is to call the office. It worked for you before...I would think it should still work.
Or- try on another device. That can confirm credentials or an older “history” (cookie).
Last night I tried reading the current issue, but about halfway through, it kept crashing. I figured it was just one of those quirks that happen from time to time. I haven’t tried it yet today.

Edit: Same problem this morning on the iPad. I’ll try my computer later.

Here's my experience. It works fine on laptop (an HP running Windows 10). It works fine on my iPad in Chrome. However, I cannot get past page 30-35 in an issue using Safari on my iPad. I've tried past issues, and I get the same error. I tried clearing the cache and history, but that did not help. So, it appears to me that there's an incompatibility with Safari on iPads. Since I don't own a Mac, I cannot comment on how it functions in Safari on a Mac. So, if you're having issues, try a different browser.
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Issuu only likes newest browsers

Logged into Issuu directly.

Found Issuu system requirements:
(1) only works in Mac iOS 10+++ or Android 4.3+++ devices
(2) will only work with the last two latest browser versions
eg: Chrome 98.0 is the latest
eg: Safari 15.2 is the latest

More details at https://help.issuu.com/hc/en-us/art...Browsers-and-System-Requirements-to-Use-Issuu

Seeing as how Issuu is working against the internet paradigm (information available, to everyone) can we have a magazine service that is available to all of us?
NB: My library currently has Motorcycle Mojo, MCN and a host of other motorcycle magazines that I can read.

Or, can someone please donate an iPhone 13?
Seeing that it is something that seems to have changed in the last 30 days or so, why don’t we have Ted at the office look into it before reinventing the whole deal?