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C650gt temperature sensor issue


New member
It’s a 2014, temperature reading never goes below 39F. Apparently this data is also used to adjust fuel mixtures, so it’s not just a number. I ride this year round for commuting, so it sorta matters that it operates correctly in temps below 39F.

Dealer has had it for almost four months now and hasn’t been able to fix the problem, but at best guess now it appears that the firmware for the dash cluster is corrupted and they aren’t able to reflash it to a known good state yet.

How we got to this point is I bought another unit and had the code transferred to it, and while the new unit read the temperature correctly (problem was fixed) it immediately acted the same as the old unit once it was flashed over.

Question I have is this. I have the original file for that dash cluster, if I reflash that and install it, outside of the mileage being off, are there any other issues/operability concerns? I really don’t care about the miles, obviously the dealer doesn’t want to do this (even though the old gauge cluster has higher mileage), but I could care less as long as I know how many miles I have for servicing, etc.

Picture of the part I’m talking about attached.


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According to the manual, if the ambient temperature falls below 37F, then a snowflake icon should be displayed on the instrument panel as a warning for possible icy road conditions.

Does the snowflake.warning ever appear?

If that’s all that’s wrong with the bike, I wouldn’t worry about it much. You’re probably not going to do that much riding below 39F anyway, and even if you do, fueling below that temperature is not likely to be the main issue you face.