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anyone go to the 49er rally this past weekend?



anyone go? anyone got any pics? i heard kbasa and mrs. kbasa were there. it's unusual for him to not post a little ride report... hmmmm.... :stick
Yep. Sure did. Ran into some MOA folks, that's for sure.

Here's a certain blonde girl following me down I80, on the way to Auburn.

This was pretty much party central for the weekend. Slaniac brought up a whole bunch of beer, which we all consumed. I don't think there was a six pack left by Monday morning. We done good.

Er, ah, what's all this? A turbocharged and intercooled Mazda rotary motor making 300hp?!!!

We had the usual collection of motorcycles. The GS seems to be fairly popular out here in the Big West.

fish was there, of course. It's always fun to knock back a couple of SNPAs with my Farallon Island friend.

Hiya fish!


The weather? Well, let's just say the weather didn't suck.

Not one little bit.

Hey Gerg, wake up. We went for dinner at the Mexican joint in town. Great food, that's for sure. Tina had a margarita. Woo!

We had lots of digital cameras too. Here, me, fish and the mayor or Santa Barbara take our picture(s).

Or something.

And then, after dinner, we had to hang around and get rid of more of that evil demon alchohol some more. Rockin Robin and Motor Mike brought their bar.

We don't care how you do it elsewhere. This is how you do it in the Sierras.


That's GSMullins over there on the left, Tina standing, Deuce in the green shirt and Gerg with the hat on facing away.
After a while, we played the "flaming shots of Sambuca game".

Oh boy.

rlovingjr demonstrates how.

This probably doesn't look too good does it? I mean, here I am putting up this trip report and so far, it's all been about partying.

Well, that's what we did. At least on Friday night.

Saturday, we went on the Poker Run and suffered through some of the awful roads we have here in California. They're horrible. Stay away. California is bad. Bad weather. Bad roads. Miserable people. No beer. Ugly wimmen.