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Anybody convert an enclosed trailer to a camper/toy-hauler?

I'm still looks at the logistics of a build. Many of the parts are unavailable.
A few years ago, some friends of ours from Alaska stopped by on their way back to Alaska after picking up a trailer that I think fits your wishes. It was a heavy duty cargo trailer in the neighborhood of 20 ft long. A company in Missouri modifies the trailer to fit the needs of the buyer. My friends trailer had a kitchenette, sitting area, toilet/shower and windows added. They decided they would build some bunks that folded up on the walls themselves. There was still ample room to put their two bikes in the trailer. They already had a toy hauler but were unhappy with the quality of construction and the effect the tall profile had on fuel mileage. I was impressed with the quality of construction of the cargo trailer used to make the toy hauler. I'll see if I can get the contact info of the builder.
One thing to keep in mind when converting construction trailers is:
Those things are incredibly heavy for their size. Empty.
I own a 16' double axle job trailer and my F150 with a 5+ liter motor can barely pull it.
Just saying, look at the empty weight, you'll be surprised.
Funny, I have pulled a 7x14 enclosed trailer with a couple thousand pounds for several thousand miles with a 2012 and later a 2019 F150 with a 5 liter with no issues. I probably pulled that trailer 30,000 miles last year.