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67' R50/2 transmission woes


New member
Hi all. well my 48K mi. R50/2 trans now sounds like a 5 speed Honda civic doing 40 in reverse. Not a ton of metal on the plug but definitely some flakes, not paste. Anyways hoping we have some members here with 1st hand experience with a reputable 4 speed rebuilder. I'm located in the Chicago area, but of course I can ship it anywhere. The bike is in immaculate condition so im looking for the best guy possible for the job.

Thanks in advance. Ian S
Sorry to hear about your troubles, Ian. I'm sure I don't know all of the people available, but the list is getting smaller. Here's some of my thoughts:

- if Bench Mark Works was still in business, that would be the place. The business was bought by MaxBMW. They have a great presence in the Airhead world...they might be capable of taking a /2 transmission on...worth a call.

- Chicago has a strong Airhead group and might be worth connecting to. Find their Chartered Club or look around your Anonymous Book.

- here's a link to an outdated list of independent mechanics...look at the listings for Illinois and Wisconsin to check with some of them. Note Oak Okleshen passed away a number of years ago

- another list of independent mechanics - https://ibmwr.org/index.php/independent-bmw-mechanics/

- I'm not sure about the MOA's Matt Parkhouse...he continuously does Airhead transmissions. Possibly he can do /2 boxes or he might know of someone who he would recommend.
Thanks for the reply Kurt. I will start top make some calls. Hoping once my post has been around for a bit someone will chime in thats had a 4 speed box done somewhat recently. It would be great to get a direct referral. Im confident I could tackle it but I know from experience these things have many nuances that only someone who's done a lot of them would know. Tricks of the trade if you will. Ive had a couple of 5 speeds rebuilt by reputable people (hate to implicate anyone) and none have gone the distance IMO. 40K seems to be my average before they crap out again or start making metal. seems to me with modern bearings, improved lubricants and all we've learned over the years that these gear boxes would go just about indefinitely. Hard to believe you can put 200K on any Goldwing box with barely a sign of wear but these Getrag boxes just seem to be troublesome.

Ian S
Ian -

Another source came to mind...Barrington Motor Works up in Barrington New Hampshire.

Actually, another place that I'm sure would be well worth checking out. It's Scotties Workshop in Murphys California. He's a big contributor to the Vintage club and has ads in our magazine.
/2 Gearboxes

I've done a bunch of /2 gearboxes, but I'm retired, and it sounds like someone such Scotty is your guy.

In my experience, using synthetic lube and occasionally replacing the six bearings on the three shafts are key to maintaining the /2 gearbox.

Regards, Fred Heiler
There is a guy who lives in Geneva IL who is planning a 4 speed tech clinic in October this year. Are you a member of the Airheads Beemer Club? The notice for the clinic is being sent to Airheads members via our state members list.
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