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49er rally 2023


not lost til out of gas
morning all, I am heading to the 49er rally in Mariposa Ca. in a couple of weeks. planning on leaving Redding, taking the 99 to Oroville, then some back roads to the 49 near Camptonville. then riding the 49 to Mariposa. I am in central Oregon now, wondering if there are any flooding related issues on that route? any local info, or opinions would be welcome, Chuck
well today is the day, as Tom Waits once said " taking off on a joyride to a magical place" 33 degrees in central Oregon this morning brrrrrr.

Not aware of any road closure issues.

The weather should be perfect! Mid 70s with overnight lows in the 50s through Monday.

See you there.:wave

The weather was perfect. Another well done rally by the NORCAL folks. Thanks again. Now back to ID…..