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46th Annual Hiawatha Rally in Minnesota- June 2, 3, and 4, 2023


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The BMW Motorcycle Owners Club of Minnesota invites you to the 46th Annual Hiawatha Rally. It's going to be a great stop along the way for those of you traveling the National BMW rally.

2023 dates are: June 2nd through the 4th


Rally fee includes:
-2 nights camping on grassy, shaded tent sites.
-24-hour coffee, tea, water and lemonade.
-Vendors on site.
-Demo rides by Leo’s South.
-Door prizes and awards. Rally pin to first 220 attendees.
-“Ride for Pie” Friday afternoon.
-Friday evening soup and hot dogs until gone.
-Guided dual-sport ride and field events Saturday.
-Dinner Saturday evening. Sunday morning worship service and treats.

All motorcycle brands welcome.

Click here for more details and to register for the event
This year's rally flyer:


There's a whole slew of door prizes that are already rolling in!!! Plus, if you're headed to the big BMW get together in Richmond, VA, you're eligible for even more!!!
A couple more inches of snow is falling here currently in southern Minnesota on March 11th. Don't worry - we've never had snow during any of the Minnesota Hiawatha rallies! :brad

Here's hoping that spring is right around the corner!
Hungry? Join SkyMed at the BMW Motorcycles Owners Club of Minnesota's Hiawatha rally at noon on rally Saturday in the pavilion for a FREE lunch!!!

Screenshot 2023-03-30 at 8.31.56 PM.png
BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup)

To reduce plastic waste, we are not providing rally mugs to attendees. We have received frequent feedback that our members have more rally mugs than they can deal with. "Don't you dare bring home another mug!" more than one spouse has declared. So be sure to pack and bring your favorite Hiawatha mug from past rallies.
Rally fee?

What is the rally fee? I didn't see it either on the MOA Events listing or the club rally page.
What is the rally fee? I didn't see it either on the MOA Events listing or the club rally page.

Adult before May 19th: $ 45.00, Fee after 5/19 US$ 55.00
Children Ages 7-15 before May 19th: $ 25.00, Fee after 5/19 US$ 25.00

US$ 25.00

Three weeks to go and the door prizes are rolling in!!!