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2012 gt saddlebags


New member
Having issue with my gt saddle bag. The button wont work to open the bag. It unlocks the handle so you can take it off the bike, but wont unlock the lever to open the bag. Took the bag off the bike and there is something rattleing around inside???? Anyway to get it open????????? Thanks. Got it to open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I would look very closely to see if the saddlebag is completely closed meaning did something get jammed in it so the mechanism is out of alignment. Sometimes extra closure pressure will allow a stubborn part to move.
You can also try closing it up and see how the key turns running it through its whole range and compare it to how it’s action feels in comparison to the still functioning bag.
The R1200RT Wethead appears to have the same locking mechanism as the GT.
Maybe some with a RT can help.