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  1. F

    Considering buying a 2006 K1200R, What do I need to know / watch out for?

    Hello all! I'm not a prolific forum poster, but I'm a big BMW Motorrad fan. I've had my F700GS for close to 3 years now, and while it's an excellent bike, it does leave me wanting more. It's just a very "easy" bike -- easy to ride, easy to handle... good maneuverability at low speed, decent...
  2. A

    2006 K1200r Engine Number Location

    Hello MOA'ers, I read a post on this that was from several years ago and I could use your help. I just purchased my first K bike and love it! In order to register the bike in MN you need to provide the engine number on the title, not vin, and I'm having a heck of a time locating it. If any of...
  3. S

    2007 K1200R: Anyone know where the Engine Number is located?

    Hello Purchased an out of state 2007 K1200R. CA requires inspecting the Engine #, but I havent been able to locate it. Any one know?