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Thread: F-800 Service light reset

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    F-800 Service light reset

    Need to know how to do this at Home.
    Dealer is gone.

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    Welcome to the forum!
    It can be done at home but it will take one of the specialty devices like the GS-911 or I think it is Motoscan? These are mostly Windoze based.
    There are quite a few threads on these devices and how they work. Sometimes a group will buy a GS-911 and share the VIN capacity.
    When/if you fill in your location, you may find someone local may be able to help you out.
    Good luck.

    BTW, my light has been on for years
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    Quote Originally Posted by peaches View Post
    Need to know how to do this at Home.
    Dealer is gone.
    Thanks, I looked at some u-tube videos and that's the way to go.
    Now to find a tooth drive belt for less than 564.00 dollars and a
    way to set the valves since you need the caps to set clearances.

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    What is your location? How miles on you bike and what model?

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