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Thread: R75/5 not smoothly shifting 2nd to 3rd

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    RedLine ShockProof Now

    Well as of this morning I am a member of the RedLine Heavy ShockProof club. I drained the RedLine 75/140 NS overnight, and this morning filled the gearbox with Heavy ShockProof 75W90W250 (or whatever weight it technically is). It seems RedLine uses same base stock in both of those oils, as they both pour with about same consistency.

    The ShockProof's cling is impressive; it is tinted pink, and thoroughly colored the clear plastic funnel. I used the same clear funnel, un-wiped, to pour the old 75W140 into a container. The 75W140 did not wash away ANY of the pink tint. I am not a chemist, but that is interesting. Planning 100 miles or so today, so will see how the gearbox shifts with the ShockProof. If it shifts as smoothly as the 75W140 NS, I will be happy.
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    Nice! Mine arrived as well, and goes in today...


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