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Thread: 1150 GSA forks destroyed

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoedaddy View Post
    At a red light yesterday. Light turns green, semi starts backing up. I sound horn, start back-peddling as fast as I can, but once his bumper caught my front tire it was over - I bailed to the left. Bike is at towing impound now so I don't have a closer look yet. This is my first BMW (so first exposure to tele-lever front-end). It looked like the fork stanchion tubes were not only bent, but ripped out of the top triple-tree. Also likely damage to front rim and fender, and front shock/spring.

    To dislodge it, tow truck guy and I held bike upright while semi pulled forward. He was loaded with 55k pounds of steel.

    If that is the extent of the damage I am assuming it's rebuildable. What else structural should I be expecting to replace? I'm in Caldwell, ID. Big Twin in Boise closed, I don't think new BMW "dealer" (Dennis Dillon RV) has a service department. Next closest factory shop would be SLC or Reno? I'm fine doing the wrenching myself, but would like a factory-trained mechanic to inspect for insurance. Any suggestions for SW Idaho?

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    Glad you're okay! Something similar happened to a friend, serious injury tho. A LEO acquaintance told me their training was to stay a length behind any stopped vehicle (wether in car or on motor) so that in a second one can move left or right and be outta there.

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    In regards to “big rigs”, if you can’t make eye contact with the driver, they won’t know you are there. Watch the drivers mirrors.
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    Sorry for your loss. Glad to see you are OK and you got financially covered.

    At a stop light I always make myself visible to the vehicle in front of me. Left side of the #1 position, in 1st gear, left foot down, right foot on the brake.
    Ready to make an escape if need be.
    They taught me that in riding school years ago.
    It's paid off once.
    Ufda happens..........

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    Hey - glad you're OK and things are moving forward. Now to find another one...
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