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Thread: First long ride of the year for me.

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    First long ride of the year for me.

    Have a one week break on my chemo so figured I'd to see a buddy in Illinois (about 700 miles one way) I haven't seen in about 20 years. Could do it in a day maybe if I stay on the super slabs but doubt if my knees will handle that. So will be all state and county roads and bust it out in 2 days to see some country.

    Pics of getting the B
    20210427_082310.jpg (172.1 KB)
    20210427_081944.jpg (161.8 KB)
    20210427_082001.jpg (165.1 KB)
    20210427_082027.jpg (139.6 KB)
    20210427_082229.jpg (161.8 KB)

    Just some of the things I've added. Illium works Bar Backs, Shifter extender, Kick stand enlarger, Side covers, rear crash bars, Zumo XT, Sargant seat w/backrest, 7Jurock 19" windshield, Wunderlick cockpit bag. My old HD waterproof bag looks right at home on it Will give me a chance to really check out the footboards or if I will take em off and go to pegs.

    Some I ordered on my own, some after doing some reading here so thanks for the tips. And just to add, had it up to 120 and no left pull or wobble.
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    Whatever Floats Your Boat, JT!

    If you survive your ordeal, U deserve to Farkle your Big Bad Bagger any way U want to! Hope you're able to fully Ops Check your Motorrad machine on shorter trips B4 U head to Great Falls in June! We just did a similar Ops Ck on Mrs-HSV's new(ish) R1200RS. She has to decide which bike she'll ride to MT, WA, CA, and home again this summer. Will it be the F650GS with 168K miles on it Or the RS with 33K on it? She like 'em both for their own skills set!

    Get some Professional Coaching if you're new to such a sophisticated machine. The training could eXtend your Longevity as much as the chemo will! I say look at these guys, and then find something you'd appreciate closer to your homestead: >> <<

    HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen

    '14 K-GT -- '09 650GS-twin
    '75 R90S -- '82 R100CS
    ----------- '16 R1200RS

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    Would be nice to be able to go west this year but not going to happen. Only get a week off of chemo every now and then. Maybe someday I'll be able to make a rally.

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