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Thread: Red Rock Rendezvous canceled

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    Red Rock Rendezvous canceled

    The FB page for the Beehive Beemers of Utah is showing that the 2021 Red Rock Rendezvous in Panguitch is canceled. So if you were planning on using the rally as a stopover on the way to Great Falls you may need to adjust plans slightly. Panguitch is still a great stopover enroute, with plenty of motels, campgrounds, and eateries, along with Bryce Canyon NP and the famous Hwy 12 from Torrey to Escalante. And, the good folks of Garfield County will still welcome your visit, as the bulk of county businesses depend heavily upon tourist traffic and it’s been a tough 12 months for them.

    Just thought some of you might want a heads-up.

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    Appreciate the heads-up, and sad to learn of this.

    Have been watching their site, as we "had" a 4 pack en-route for the Rendezvous as part of the western ride.

    We've discussed a Plan B without the triple R. Without it, and the National 1,000mi up north of there... we may skip Utah.

    There's another thought that troubles me. Some of these Club Rally's that have cancelled for two years... may never return.

    Between insurance requirements, our age demographics, and civic cooperation for the venue, it could well be over.

    The importance of "continuation" should not be underestimated.
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