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Thread: 2018 GS wonder wheel trouble

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    2018 GS wonder wheel trouble

    Start of this season the wonder wheel zoom function didnít work. Side to side motion works changing screens. Swapped my Nav VI with a friends and there was no change. Itís been suggested to try rebooting bikes computer. Anyone know of similar problems? To clarify the issue is not with the Nav VI but the wonder wheel. Thx
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    I replaced my 2016 wonder wheel this year with almost 70,000 miles on it. It was functioning normally, but I had worn it out and it was so sloppy, that every time my glove touched it, it would activate. The part is available OEM through the dealership, and install is relatively easy. My dealership didnít even charge me for install.
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    I recently changed my left grip, had the whole assembly apart and used contact cleaner and compressed air to clear the residual Dalton Highway gunk out of both the switchgroup and the wonder wheel. Both seem to work much better now.
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