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Thread: A little positive for BMW

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    They are great OLD bikes. But in some respects the sidestands, flexible frames, diode boards, rotors, brakes, receding valves, points, cracked coils, wheels, clutch splines, wheel splines and a few more notorious features do mean they are not perfect.
    LOL I would add> no transmission circlip
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    50 year old bike parts

    This 50 year old example is just an anecdote. It hardly applies to 2021. But, I am willing to bet if I still had a 1973 Yamaha something, or Honda something, or Kawasaki whatever, if I sought a part like we might for a /5 BMW we would be laughed right out of the dealership. If I am wrong educate me.[/QUOTE]

    The Norton Commando has a good back up of spares, along with some other models.
    All of the factory parts I have bought over the last few years have a good fit.

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    I'm fortunate that I live 15 minutes from the Max BMW mothership...but I enjoy the fact that in redoing the top end of my /5 as I am now, there is no part I can't readily get, no machine work I can't have professionally done, and no shortage of expertise I can't leverage (thank you to folks like Brook Reams, Snowbum, and the folks on this forum). With a support system like that the airheads will be around for our grandchildren to enjoy. You are never alone in working on an airhead.
    Dave K.
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    The Norton is a restoration, Yamaha a replica, the Ducati a parts bin Frankenbike.
    I would like to have one of each, but the vintage parts availability award for motorcycles and automobiles goes to BMW, if it’s just automobiles, Mercedes gets it.
    Aftermarket parts for other brands are easier to find now because of 3D scanning and printing, CNC machining, etc.
    Other manufacturers would have the suppliers destroy molds, patterns, tools etc. 10 years after a model was discontinued.
    It made millionaires out of many aftermarket suppliers of vintage parts for Porsche and American muscle cars, as well as MG.

    16 years ago, when a 1963 Bultaco Mecurio was given to me parts were unobtainum, even with internet access then.
    All of the bits I need to put it on the road again are now available.
    I’m told that you can get an AMF Harley to be reliable nowadays.

    2 of the 3 Airheads I own are rolling restorations. My R80ST was restored to the PO preference, so the paint scheme ain’t right.
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    The ‘83 R80ST

    I won’t say that I haven’t bought anything on looks alone, but when riding don't care if the tires etc. look vintage. If there are modern tires that are the correct size I’ll fit them.
    The first full-size street bike I bought was a new ‘77 Bonneville. That bike and my ‘76 R90/6 share the same tire/wheel dimensions.
    In 1980 the Bonnie had the engine “souped” by a local builder. ( Ascot raceway was about 2 miles away) Leaded premium gas wasn’t enough to prevent pinging, 102 octane racing fuel was required “if” any hard throttle was to be applied.
    That’s about the time the 23 year hiatus from riding started. The speed limit was 55mph.

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    We are all here for a spell, get all the good laughs you can.
    Will Rogers

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