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Thread: Second Saturday AL R2E -- May 8th, 11:30

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    Second Saturday AL R2E -- May 8th, 11:30

    Prepare for an "interesting epicurean experience" y'all.

    We pre-rode a route to Tuscumbia on 23/04 -- needs just a bit of refinement... The Rattlesnake Saloon is worth the effort tho!

    Our small group of riders at our luncheon eXcursion in the 'really cool' / as in 'chilly' / underground restaurant.

    Stay tuned for additional guidance. Here's the 'Ford P/U shuttle' that takes U to/from luncheon cavern & gravel parking lot 50' up!

    And Just, 10 miles down the road, is the World Famous Coon Dog Cemetery for those reverential & curious riders!


    Mark your calendars for a most unusual luncheon eXcursion on May 8th - just 8 mi south of the Tenn River on AL Rt 247, south of Tuscumbia.

    Hope some of you ADVenturesome LDR veterans will be able to eXperience the west-Alabama saloon eXperience...
    Ciao! Phil & Karen

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    May is quickly approaching with two BMWMOAL events: the first is my Third 2nd Saturday Ride-2-Eat to the Rattlesnake Saloon SW of Tuscumbia.

    Phil & Karen will lead the HSV contingent on a leisurely route along "paved" roads (except for the parking area at the saloon). Planning to depart from the Murphy’s gas station at the Walmart on South Parkway at 0915 (the Verizon store @11602 is the landmark to turn onto Redstone Rd SW). Premium non-ethanol gas is available for those with deep pockets. Our Route is 98 miles long; about 2 hrs...

    This time we’ll again ride south and then west along the two-laned "River Road" on the south shore of the Tennessee River. We’ll go through south Decatur along Madous Rd which connects to Hwy 24. I’m planning a short pit-stop along the route this time (having learned the hard way); a Chevron station near Town Creek, AL. Plan to arrive at the Rattlesnake Saloon parking lot at 11:20. Folks can hang out near the shaded shuttle-truck loading station until a full load is ready to head into the canyon. Each trip to the cave holds maybe nine guests. I think you’ll pay a little more for lunch here than at Chef Troy’s for the unique tourists’ experience. Sandwiches range from $12 to $16, so be forewarned…. Everyone will then depart homewards along their preferred high speed turnpike or slower backroad route. We'll be making a couple of CoddiWomple stops on our way back to Rocket City...

    Saloon Info here:

    Here's my planned route with our random waypoints. Hope y'all can make it!
    Ciao! HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen


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    So, I was pleasantly surprised by the good turnout for May’s ‘Second Saturday’ R2E! Most everybody Didn’t Actually Say they were attending, because all the AlaBeemers like to keep their cards close to their chests - in case Bigger & Better opportunities surface at the last minute!

    Altogether I recorded 16 enthusiastic Beemerphiles that arrived in three groups from various directions.

    Here's Doug's panoramic saloon view; I shrank it a lot for web-size limitations.
    Rattlesnake Saloon_v2.jpeg

    Speaking of Doug, that's him on the left, with Mike, John, Alan as P&K take another CoddiWomple glamour shot...

    We're planning June's Second Saturday visit for those interested at Jim Oliver’s Smokehouse in Monteagle, TN.
    We'll perform a reconnaissance run from HSV in the next few days...

    HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen

    '14 K-GT -- '09 650GS-twin
    '75 R90S -- '82 R100CS
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