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Thread: Whizzy Maintenance Schedule

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    Whizzy Maintenance Schedule

    One of the joys of owning my 2004 R1150R ABS is changing the brake fluid - especially since I swore I'd no longer do pain in the cola/dupa work. The job has been done three times, at two year intervals, since I've owned the bike. The first time by a respected wrench, but he stopped being available for work like that. I couldn't find anyone I trusted so - despite my oath - the last two flushes I did myself. My first effort showed the old fluid clear in the front and a little brown in the rear. The last time both front and rear fluid pumped out clear as new - the clutch fluid look fine as well. Here's my question: Until recently the bike and I lived in Colorado where it's dry. I now reside in St. Louis, Missouri - quite humid here. Have you guys, that also live in a humid climate, found two years between changes sufficient ? Do I have to do it yearly as BMW recommends ? This brake system is a maintenance nuisance but it sure works well.

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    I live in Ca. and ride my bikes year round, usually more in the winter cooler months. I avoid rain and snow as much as possible and keep the bikes in my unheated garage. I do flush mine every three years and the fluids have always seemed very clear. If I had been seeing poor fluid while bleeding I'd probably be flushing my systems with shorter time period.
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    As I don't really mind doing it I've stuck with the two year interval. I have noticed however that after purging the fleet of the OEM rubber hoses (after a few failures) and gone to Spieglers the appearance of the fluid has improved dramatically... and that makes sense to me. I have considered stretching it to as much as four years as a result.

    I am a big believer in system flushes on my cars and bikes... have had very few brake system issues. I will say however that the two ABS pump removals I have done on bikes ('04 RT and GT) both times the fault appeared to be with one of the servo motors not kicking on. Both times I could tap on the motor with power applied and it would run... but I could not count on it so off they came. I don't see how brake fluid could be the cause of that.

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