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    North Carolina also has a free motorcycle training program called BikeSafe. This training lasts a full day and begins with a lecture with a number of video clips. The rider (trainee) goes on a 30 to 45 min ride on a designated route and is followed by a motorcycle police officer. The officer provides some feedback over lunch. In the afternoon the trainee takes a more extended ride of around 90 min and again is followed by the motor-officer. Some additional verbal feedback is provided at the conclusion and a few days later a written report is provided with formal comments and a certificate of completion (useful for insurance discounts!!).

    I found this sort of training to be quite different from prior training that I've received (MSF advanced rider training in a parking lot). The designated ride was through the country on some nice motorcycle roads. My morning ride was a bit longer due to some confusion on road markings left by a previous bicycle ride which left similar road markings. When the motor-officer realized that we were off-course he lit the blue lights which caused a bit of momentary anxiousness on my part. We soon were back on course. The comments were helpful and constructive.

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