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Thread: Saddle styles

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    Saddle styles

    Fellow MOA members:
    I am 75 years old, and have been riding since 1960.
    I've owned every bike manufactured except the Norton and Mustang.
    I like a 300-400 mile per day ride, and I've owned most major brand motorcycle seats.
    My favorite seat has always been a Corbin, and I've owned/bought 16 of them in the
    last 30 years. My 2020 ElectraGlide has a stock seat with about 4 inches of foam, and it's
    very comfortable for a 100 mile day. My R18C Corbin seat with backrest has about 1 inch of
    compressible foam, and it's good for 400-500 miles per day. The theory behind a Corbin
    seat's hardness is the same theory behind an American saddle for a horse, which hardly compresses at all.
    Think about being on horseback for 8-10 hours everyday and you can understand why a Corbin
    seat works!


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    I concur. I've had Corbin seats on my bikes for years as well. They are firm and take 30 to 40 hours of saddle time to break them in and form them to your butt. After that you can ride all day in relative comfort.
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    Totally different animal than custom seats for Offroad bikes. Agreed a firmer foam is necessary for long term comfort. Renazco is a top seat specialist from California, I have 3 for 2 bikes. Most folks in North America running the Dakar etc run Renazco.
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