Fellow MOA members:
I am 75 years old, and have been riding since 1960.
I've owned every bike manufactured except the Norton and Mustang.
I like a 300-400 mile per day ride, and I've owned most major brand motorcycle seats.
My favorite seat has always been a Corbin, and I've owned/bought 16 of them in the
last 30 years. My 2020 ElectraGlide has a stock seat with about 4 inches of foam, and it's
very comfortable for a 100 mile day. My R18C Corbin seat with backrest has about 1 inch of
compressible foam, and it's good for 400-500 miles per day. The theory behind a Corbin
seat's hardness is the same theory behind an American saddle for a horse, which hardly compresses at all.
Think about being on horseback for 8-10 hours everyday and you can understand why a Corbin
seat works!