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Thread: UPS shipping to/from rally...and map question

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    UPS shipping to/from rally...and map question

    On the FAQ page I see where packages shipped to the rally can be retrieved and shipped back home, but no dates. Specifically, can I ship my tent out Sunday morning or do I have to ship it out Saturday and spend the night in the homeless section?

    Also on the rally page I see a Google Map overview of the rally site, but could have sworn I saw one somewhere that identified the buildings, vendor locations, and camping. Anyone have a link to that?

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    Not great quality, but the best I could find online:
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    There is a UPS store in Great Falls so you could ship from there.

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    As far as I can recall, outbound shipping from the rally has almost always been available on Sunday morning at recent rallies. I have only used it a couple of times when clothing or helmet purchases made it necessary. But, good question.
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    Will the camping be on the south end?

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