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Thread: 70+ owners of RT

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    70+ owners of RT

    Any 70+ year old ownesr of R12RT.
    Why a big heavy bike at this age ?
    Two up riding ?
    LD or just short day rides ?

    Thanks , Mike

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    I am 62, and went to an RT because of the lighter weight. Not sure what you are comparing it too weight wise. but not very many touring bikes with hard bags that are much lighter.
    From the only real Fargo, ND!

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    Just did 2,300 + mi. on a RT. and 73 mi. on the Ohio triple Nickel today. No 2 up just comfy .

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    I'm 67 and also went to the RT because of the lighter weight. It's an easy bike to handle and I see myself riding it for quite a few years from now.
    Larry Gregerson; Bend, OR
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    66 (not yet 70) and chose the RT as I do lots of long distance touring and plenty of 2up riding. The RT has the ease of riding, comfort, range and luggage storage that I need. There is little else on the market that is primarily designed as long haul touring bike, and the other contender, the GoldWing, has priced itself out of the market in Australia. I've come from a Honda ST1300 which was about 40kg heavier.

    My "Plan B" if and when the knees fail me will probably be a second hand Can-Am Spyder RT LTD.

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    72 here. I plead guilty to thinking about getting something lighter every time I have to move the bike around in the garage but I haven't found anything else that weighs less and will do the job.

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    I'm 67 I have a 14R1200RT and a Wee Strom DL650. Moving the Wee around is so easy, no so easy the RT. I used to roll the bike out of my shop then push it to the house before leaving on a ride. Now I start it up and ride. The RT is still easy enough once I'm on it. I love the bike, I'm ready to replace with a new RT but not until they have the Radio and TPMS. TPMS has saved my butt so I'm not giving it up. I'll riding to the National from Texas. Just got back from the Ozark, great trip on a great bike (14R1200RT)
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    54 chronologically, 94 physically... Gretchen gets me around just fine.
    R. Reece Mullins Ebony R1200RT (Gretchen)
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    Just two months shy of 74. I ride an '18 RT and average 15K yearly. I'm no longer confident enough to ride 2 up...too easy for a parking lot or low speed tipover. My wife has very fragile bones. I still ride aggressively, dragging the pegs and rear crash bars occasionally. As I get older, I prefer the sweepers to the twisties, but can manage to keep my sportbike riding friends within sight. Coming from a K1300GT, I find the bike easier to move around in the garage and especially get up on the centerstand, but it is a beast. I'm a bigger guy and can lift the bike without help (at least I could a year ago after the bike took a brief nap in the garage). I have no plans to replace it, or to quit riding in the foreseeable future, but I would consider the S1000XR as a replacement if the time comes.

    I seldom ride less than 200 miles, usually a breakfast ride, but still do 400 mile day rides and 500 mile/day multi day trips.

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    71 here. I have ridden 170,036 miles in the last five years on RTs. Outstanding all around motorcycle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stinkypete View Post
    66 (not yet 70) and chose the RT as I do lots of long distance touring and plenty of 2up riding. The RT has the ease of riding, comfort, range and luggage storage that I need.
    That is me also.

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    74...So far so good. Annual 3-6K with my son and occasional overnighters in Northeast. I haven't taken it out yet this year (Hand surgery...hoping soon). To be honest- I'm feeling a little cautious about the weight/height My heavier Harley, lower, is easier to ride, but for long trips and the highway as well as secondary roads nothing I own beats the R12RT. I do sense my decreasing muscle mass- but it's been a long winter- made longer by CMC Arthroplasty. Gonna take a little longer to get back into the confident swing of riding.

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    It all about individual preferences. Now 74, After riding RTs since 1982 but in 2015 I found the new generation of RT to bulbous, to top heavy so opted for the then new 2016 R1200RS.
    The RS weighs significantly less, lower Cof G and has a fairing that is closer is size to the old 82 RT which I find more than adequate. Raised the bars a bit, lowered the pegs a bit.
    Same engine, but in my opinion better suspension...note I only ride solo.

    Love it ..would not swap it for a new RT

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    70+ RT rider

    I'm 75 and still loving it on a 2018 R1200RT.
    I have added a few of my own ideas to personalize the bike.
    I plan to ride to Great Falls, MT for the rally there.

    Bill in Tucson, AZ

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    Starting my 83rd next month. Went from a lighter (KTM 690 duke) to 2017 r1200rs. in March and the extra weight is no problem. Just turned 2000k but now it's snowing, so time to rest the old bod.& bike.

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