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Thread: Tires

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    Quote Originally Posted by GIARCG View Post
    If folks stuck with the OP's original inquiry it wouldn't be turning into an "old tire conversation".
    Someone need a hug?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonnybow View Post
    Ahh, the old tire conversation!
    Folks who own the K16GT/GTL know that these bikes must have a HW tire because the weight and torque will destroy anything else.
    I've personally tried Bridgestone Battleaxe BT20 (about 3500miles) which came with the bike, then I went to a few sets of PR4's which only got 4500 miles and then tried the Pirelli Angel GT A spec which were much better than PR4's and got close to 5500 miles. I then went to the Angel GT II A spec which seem to be even better than the originals. I've now had 3 sets of them on my bike and getting ready to go with another set OR try the Dunlop RS III's simply because a friend has them and gets good mileage from them and they are much cheaper than the Pirelli's.
    Iíve got 8000 on my PR4ís & still looking pretty good. Hoping for 10 + .

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonnybow View Post
    Someone need a hug?
    Not my thing Sport... you'll have to keep looking (grin).

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