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Thread: battery tender for a Shorai Lifepo

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    battery tender for a Shorai Lifepo

    Just as I was about to strip down for a mono strut suspension up grade the battery light went on on the control panel. I had the simple battery tender but could not get the Yuasa up to spec. I went for the Shorai and while awaiting delivery searched tenders. Shorai out of stock everywhere. Got the latest battery tender brand which has lifepo4 setting but tested the new battery with the ammeter, bike running and definitely taking a charge 14 plus etc. Why would I want to use a tender for a Lifepo4 if this is going on as I ride every week? Can't hurt? Intelligent charger? Do it anyway?

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    I put my LiFepo battery on a Tender Jr. about once a month for 30 minutes over the winter months (Dec-Feb) and never during the times I am riding that bike. I think its going on 7 years old now.

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    I have two of these that are switchable from lead acid to lithium.

    I see they are out of stock at Deltran but I am sure are available elsewhere (Amazon Ebay Online Motorcycle Retailers).

    I also see that they seem to have another switchable model - don't know the difference.

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    I got the Deltran battery tender with the Lifepo option. I will probably only use it when the bike is not used for a while as BC mentioned.

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    I use CTEK

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    For many years I had only one small battery charger. Straight 6 or 12 volts. Not smart. But we owned several bikes. So I devised a routine. On the first of each month this not modern, not automatic charger was attached to bike #1 for 24 hours. Then bike #2 for 24 hours, and then bike #3 etc. until each bike had 24 hours each month. I never, ever had what I considered a premature or problematic battery issue.
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