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    A few months back I was getting a brake failure light on my 2012 r 1200 rt . I replaced both wheel sensor lights . The light would still go off and on. I took the bike to Mischlers BMW in Beaver Dam Wisconsin and got the diagnosis of a bad ABS module. The module is under the tank so I took it out and sent it to Module Master in Moscow Idaho and 250$ later I was reinstalling it . The operation was a success and wasn't that big a deal to do. When I bled the brakes the front bled easily enough but the back would just go to the pedal stop, nothing and no resistance. Someone advised me to lock up the front brakes to get the ABS motor working in the hope that it would start the Module and run the brake fluid through the system in order to bled the brake . Bad idea and I almost canned up a few times trying to lock up the front brake in gravel . Just recently I got a recall notice for a fuel pump so I called Jerod in service at Bmw of Iowa City , he said he could take care of the rear brake no problem so I scheduled for the recall and the brake. Jerod was fantastic he showed me some maintenance that I had not been doing on my own and just went through the bike taking care of things that I had neglected. This guy knows what he's doing and is very conscientious . He showed me the problem with the rear brake ,air was trapped in the rubber line from the master cylinder to the reservoir and with pliers he squeezed the air up and out and was able to restore pressure. I had also been neglecting the clutch mineral oil fluid and he explained that the reason the reservoir was so full was that the fluid increases as the clutch wears , no wonder it was full and I didn't pay any attention. Watch your clutch reservoir and if it's too full this might be an indicator that your clutch is wearing which is normal but if the reservoir is too full you might get clutch slippage. So I was there longer than I expected but the trip was worthwhile and with a bill of 350$ I thought it was a great value.

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    I agree, Jarod is very customer oriented. If he ever leaves it would be a loss. Showed me some things needing attention on my 2008 during a recall service. Now my 2012 will be going in for the fuel pump recall.

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    It would be wise to take care of Jarod. You have a special kind of guy. Compliments provided to his boss and owner, maybe some fresh baked cookies or some other show of appreciation may go a long way.
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