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Thread: Sag setting on lowered F700GS

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    Sag setting on lowered F700GS

    Anyone know the rear suspension sag setting on a factory-lowered 2015 F700GS? Total travel is 135mm but using the same 30% sag ratio used on the std suspension F700ís gives me a 40.5mm sag which is a setting I canít reach with adjuster. Itís a low mileage bike, I weigh 170# and the lowering was done by BMW so parts are correct and properly installed, but I can only adjust to min of 54mm. I canít find the recommended sag anywhere. Thanks

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    A 700 low does not have as much rear suspension travel as the regular shock model.
    Mine bottomed out occasionally but uncomfortably until i jacked the rear preload all the way up and adjusted the damper screw near the bottom of the shock. It was fine after that.
    FWIW, I weigh a little more than you, but not enough to make much difference.
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