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Thread: throw those Old Boots Away??? NO WAY

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    throw those Old Boots Away??? NO WAY

    so bought these boots Oxtar? 16 years ago and have many miles and adventures with them....although i have newer riding boots I just loved the comfort and feel of these., about 3 years ago found a shoemaker to put soles on them but they just kept getting ratier by the day and was almost ready to send them to the boot hill graveyard.. i saw some ads and thought about sending them out to cali to see if they could be rescued??
    so doing a search on the net saw a Vics shoemaker in rockaway nj
    wow a guy to repair boots 6 miles from home !!! only in Jersey..BUT could he save my pair of Rat Boots??
    As i walked into his shop with a feeling of trepidation with my boots hidden behind my back . Vic looks up from his work and shouts “hey what you gota behinda your back?”
    i sheepishly show him my battered boots (see before pics) He grabs the boots and his eyes light up and i hear the excitement in his voice.” oh soles need to be glued front and rear, leather rain flap repaired, new velcro on flap , toe reinforced leather repaired,same with heel leather ,of course needs polish , zipper pulls ,yada yada. ok under $100 -cash please- come back in 2 days See after pictures..
    When i got them i was overjoyed and Vic was beaming with pride .. he showed me around the shop , showed me a Ducati leather Jacket he just put a full length zipper in , a repair he made on leather pants and pictures of dozens of other craftsmanship..
    Hey guys he drank the leather repair Kool-Aid and gives estimates online and accepts shipments and ships out !!!he has a Facebook page also...
    So if you love anything leather and it needs saving see Vic

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    Cobblers are hard to find these days and when you find a good one you are lucky indeed. When lived in Alaska there was nary a one in the state and now in MT we have one in town and she does work for much of MT and WY. You are a lucky fella indeed.

    Spent a fair amount of time in North Jersey. My aunt lived in Hampton near Washington in Hunterdon County. She was in the same house for over 70 years until we moved her out here to take care of her. She's 101 now; they grow'em tough in Jersey.
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    Most of these talented repair people do their work at amazingly fair prices. Throw ‘em a tip......Let’s keep them viable.
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    We're lucky to have a good cobbler in town, the main 2 guys have been there for as long as I can remember. We became friends as both guys are motorcycle riders. The son of the owner has been working there since he was a lad. They've done all kinds of work for me on all kinds of stuff. Yes I know how lucky we are.
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    Congratulations, BB.

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