Ok, so I have some follow up questions after:

- New Bosch Plugs
- Valve Adjustment
- Throttle sync using a large ATF filled clear tubing vacuum balance rig
- New rebuildable driveshaft from the Beemer shop, spline lubes etc.
- adjusted right side rocker shaft end play and valve adjust (no follow on sync)
- All fluids replaced


- I use NGK Iridium plugs in all my vehicles and only put in the new bosch plugs as they came with the bike. Does anyone thing the bikes run better with iridium plugs or other plugs?

- Does anyone put matched injectors in these like the Tills I put in my 1100? Bike has 40K miles, should I clean or have others clean the injectors?

- Still have vibration under medium throttle openings, it is a pulsating vibration most prominent under medium acceleration and then at a constant speed at 4K rpm. At the constant speed, say 50mph the vibration goes away when I upshift a gear the revs drop to below 4K

- Can you sync the throttles using the adjustments at the throttle grip on the bar?