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Thread: Odd '94 K75S brake switch issue

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    Odd '94 K75S brake switch issue

    Update ***

    I just installed a new micro processor switch, thanks EuroMotoelectric. Easy fix, although somewhat pricey part. All is well, brake pedal activates the brake light, as well as extinguishing the dash warning light.

    My 1994 K75 S has an odd issue with the rear brake light.

    When first starting, the red brake light alert illuminates. Riding off, it is supposed to go off, once the brake pedal or hand lever is pulled. But, the light does not go out, immediately, but usually after I travel a few miles it does go off.

    So, checking whether the brake tail light will illuminate, it only does when the handle bar lever is pulled, but does notilluminate by pressing the foot brake pedal.

    What I find puzzling is that the brake pedal does not activate the brake light, but apparently, it “ eventually” makes the red dash alert light go out. Does this sound like how these micro switches die?
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